We often get asked what time of year is best to wash windows.

Our recommendation is any time is good as long as you remove the dirt and grime once or twice a year or more frequently based on your preferences. Here is what will be helpful for you to consider:

Removing the dirt and grime at least once or twice a year does wonders for maintaining your windows .
Your preferences of how often you want that perfectly clean look will determine the frequency of once year or twice year or more than twice year.
Our busy season is Mid April through end of November which shows you the most common month range customers in our region prefer. We do clean windows all 12 months of the year so don’t be afraid to call us in those winter months.
If you have numerous trees surrounding your home the trees let down gunk and soil runoff when it rains. With those conditions the rainy season can quickly affect the clean look of your windows. I f you have numerous trees surrounding the house waiting until late May or June is best if you are only cleaning the windows once per year.
A two times a year frequency is typically arranged as first service in April or May and then the second service in October or November.
If you have any upcoming celebration events, holidays, or gatherings at your home then get the most out of the window cleaning by scheduling a cleaning within 7 days of the event. This makes your home beautiful and inviting just at the ideal time.
Any time is a good time when you are just tired of not having that bright sunny outlook through the windows.
It takes a number of months for the soil to build up on the windows. Unlike what you may think, rain itself does not dirty the windows. What dirties the windows is what the rain runs off of (roofs, dirty gutter spill over, trees). The rain picks up soil and contaminants and attaches its’ new found soil buddies on your windows. The cleaner your roof and gutters are, as well as fewer trees directly over the house, the less affect rain will have on your windows.

As a general courtesy we do call each client and give them the option to reschedule if the day is rainy. In most cases if we have to enter the home we prefer to clean windows on a day that isn’t rainy, but we can accommodate any schedule.

Whatever preference you land on we will be ready to get you schedule with an exact time and date that suites you. We absolutely enjoy creating that clean and happy atmosphere for your enjoyment!

Thank you!
Travis Berger